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Integrative Med Group

The patient and family-centered direct primary care clinic.
Located in Jacksonville, FL.

At Integrative Med Group we’re there for you
With us, patients come first.

Integrative Med Group is a direct primary care clinic in Jacksonville providing a wide range of holistic healthcare options that deliberately take the needs of our patients into full consideration. Our team of passionate medical professionals strives to foster a comfortable and relaxing environment for our patients to heal and recover in. For this reason, we offer IV hydration with supplements to ensure maximum comfort and well-being. We are proud to offer home and office visits along with unlimited telehealth visits with subscriptions.

For a young practice, we have plenty of professional muscle. Shane Grindle, FNP-C began his career at The Mayo Clinic in Heart Transplant Cardiology and has cardiac transplant and ICU experience. Shane Grindle, FNP-C is also board certified by the AANP in obesity medicine. Please get in touch with us today to learn more about our practice, or book an appointment with us.

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The Integrative Med Group Team
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Why Us -- At Integrative Med Group we’re there for you
We're different and that's a good thing.

Some practices have lost the patient-first mentality that defines our practice. We never rush appointments or resort to pushing detrimental medications on our patients. Our team looks for holistic alternatives that avoid a pill-based solution as the only answer. We combine traditional medicine with alternative therapies to acommodate all preferences in your healthcare. Integrative Med Group's mission is to empower our patients to make the right decisions about their health and to continually encourage modalities over medication.

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What we offer
Our Unique Approach To Medicine

We're proud to take an innovative and holistic approach to our practice. All of our services are performed with a patient-first mentality that puts your best interest first. Contact us today to learn more.

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