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A guide to direct primary care clinics for Jacksonville, FL residents
July 27, 2020 at 7:00 AM
stethoscope used by direct primary care clinic in Jacksonville, FL

Direct primary care is quickly changing the landscape of healthcare in the United States. But what is it and how can it help you?

Here we’ll discuss what direct primary care is, and the benefits of a model like this. We'll also explain why Integrative Med Group is the best direct primary care clinic in the Jacksonville, FL area.

What is direct primary care?

Traditional insurance plans in the US operate on a pay-as-you-go model. Whenever you get an X-ray, schedule a consultation, or undergo a medical procedure, chances are, you’ll get billed separately (and excessively) for each one.

With direct primary care (DPC), on the other hand, you pay a flat fee on a regular basis (usually monthly, quarterly, or annually) directly to your physician or clinic. Depending on the model your practice uses, you can expect most or all primary care services to be included in this fee. This includes services like laboratory tests, preventative care, and care coordination.

DPC practices have a consistent flow of revenue coming in every month, thanks to their patients’ recurring payments. This allows primary care providers to take their time with each patient as they assess their needs and work on any health concerns that need to be addressed. Compare that to traditional insurance-based systems that encourage doctors to see as many people as possible in a day in order to bill them and keep the practice running.

Physicians at DPC clinics are often much more accessible to their patients outside of their appointment as well. It’s not uncommon for DPC patients to call or text their doctor whenever they have an issue or question, saving those with packed schedules a trip to the doctor’s office.

Plus, this method keeps healthcare affordable for the patients that use it, and there’s never any uncertainty as to how much you’ll pay for your visit.

What makes Integrative Med Group different?

At Integrative Med Group, we take a holistic approach to direct primary care clinics in Jacksonville, FL.

Our patients benefit from non-rushed appointments with accomplished physicians. Our doctors care about you and your health, and you’re more than just a name, face, and file to them. In fact, you can expect your first appointment with us to take about an hour, as we dive into your medical history and current health concerns.

We also offer a welcoming and patient-centered environment, which allows you to feel empowered in making the right decisions for your health. Our staff is open-minded as well, and our primary care providers don’t depend on medications to bring you back to optimal health. We encourage different modalities and alternative health management approaches, incorporating them to arrive at the best treatment for your situation.

And if you’re not feeling well and just can’t get out of bed, no problem. We offer in-home visits in addition to phone consultations, so you can depend on us whenever you’re not feeling in tip-top shape.

We provide personalized healthcare options for those who take their health seriously and are committed to making positive changes in their lives. If this sounds like you, then you belong at Integrative Med Group.

Experience the benefits of direct primary care for yourself

When it comes to direct primary care clinics in the Jacksonville, FL area, you won’t find any better than Integrative Med Group. Our services aren’t limited to the greater Jacksonville area, either — many of our patients come from Duval and Clay county as well.

And in addition to revolutionizing how people think about primary care, we offer specialized services that go above and beyond, including:

  • IV hydration
  • Hormone replacement
  • Weight loss counseling
  • Family planning

Book your appointment today, or contact us with any questions or concerns you have about our practice or services.